TanTowel – Fake It | Flawless Faux Bridal Bronzing


Thank you to Jean’s Bridal Blog for suggesting TanTowels for brides to be looking for some color on their special day! We know this was posted a while ago, but we only just came across this wonderful, loving entry for our product. ❤

“Backless prom dress? Keyhole back wedding gown?! Your wedding day  is not a day you should mess with an oompa-loompa tan. ESPECIALLY with a WHITE dress!!! You cannot gamble on having streaks, orange color or a sweaty melt-down at any cost! For a truly flawless faux bronze, with a natural look, Jean’s LOVES Tan-Towels!!! Tan-towels are the perfect way to have that sun kissed glow sans the skin cancer, wrinkles or orange tint!! Tan lines are a no-no with “back interest” dresses or strapless gowns!! For a Charleston beach wedding, there is nothing more fitting than the sunshine glow on your skin. The right bronzer, lipgloss and shimmering shadows are a perfect start, but what about the tan?

 Tan Towel saves the day!!!”



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