Beauty Review: Tan Towel

This was a great review from a young lady who just discovered the joys of TanTowels! Please have a read 🙂

k, byeee!

I’ve finally reached the point where I can say, with confidence, that I no longer need to hit the tanning bed. This is a big deal. I was totally “tanorexic” my sophomore and junior years of high school – like to the point where I looked like I was another race.

There was just nothing better than constantly looking like I’d just been in the Bahamian sun for a month straight back then. I loved it! I knew it was bad for me but, like I said, I was an addict. I finally cut back on the obsessive tanning when I went to college, mostly because I was too lazy to leave the comfort of my dorm 85 percent of the time. This year I’ve only tanned once every other week – if that.

But now I don’t have to use tanning beds or be sickly pale ever again, all thanks to Tan…

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