Gloss48 Has Chosen TanTowel as Their Go-To Self-Tanner

Thank you Gloss48

We are so flattered to come across this wonderful blog post by Gloss48 – talk about showing lots of love for TanTowel! We think there were some excellent reasons listed here as to why some beauty enthusiasts might prefer the experience, and results of TanTowel over some of the more popular self-tanning products from brands, like St. Tropez (for various reasons). Here is our favorite bit from this blog post:

“As you may recall, I wrote a post a few months ago about St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. At the time, I thought it was the best self-tanner out there, and I fully accepted the fact that using it required 6 hours of looking “totally monstrous.” I even strategized with you about how to get your boyfriend, hubbies, lovers, roommates, and/or children out of the house for the night so you could tan your heart out! Here’s a snippet from my so adorably clueless post:

“The only way that your tan will appear streaky is if you miss a spot, so have at it! Seriously–douse yourself in it! Afterwards, you should resemble a body builder at a competition. You should look bright orange, splotchy, shiny, and totally disgusting. Do not fret—you will be gorgeous in a few hours.”

Ah, to be young. Silly me. Turns out, there is a much, much, MUCH simpler way. I’m breaking up with St. Tropez, ladies and gentlemen. I’m moving on up to the Tan Towel.”

Read the whole blog entry here:

What do you think, are you convinced to give TanTowel a try? By the way if you haven’t yet, Gloss48 and Cosmetic Sanctuary have teamed up and are offering a cosmetic giveaway including some TanTowel Classic towelettes, so make sure you enter here!


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