Swatch Test – Comparing New TanTowel Face Tan to Classic and Plus Formulas

Now that we have added a third towelette and formula to TanTowel’s successful line of self-tanners, many people have been left with some questions. One of the most common questions so far, is how this new Face Tan formula compares to both our Classic and Plus formulas. Is it lighter, darker, does it look very different at all? I feel that to best answer this question, pictures are worth a thousand words.

SwatchTestLineUp copy

Today, I have volunteered to test this on my own skin, for science. I came in to work this morning ready to try all three formulas at once on my leg (so you don’t have to!). To start, I allowed myself to get as pale as I possibly could over the last couple weeks prior to doing this test. I selected my leg to test the swatches, so I can easily cover up the stripey mess it will leave on me for a week or so.

Let’s Do This…

I began by taping off areas of my skin for the swatches, so they would be separated from each other, and the formulas would not overlap. 8:05 AM: I applied each towelette once to its designated area, allowed to dry and then removed the tape from between the test areas. As usual, there is no color right away, but we know it’s a bit of a waiting game for that part. Keeping in mind results vary based on everyone’s own skin chemistry, the following images were taken every hour as the work-day progressed, and then a full 24 hours after application:

SwatchTest_FT-CL-PL  Left = Face Tan, Middle = Classic Formula, Right = Plus Formula

  1. (8:05 am – Just applied) – applied areas are visibly shiny compared to untouched skin, no color
  2. (9:06 am – 1 hr) – some color is starting to show on FT
  3. (10:03 am – 2 hrs) – Light tan lines are showing on all 3 swatches
  4. (11:08 am – 3 hrs) – 3 swatches showing
  5. (12:05 pm – 4 hrs) – darkening
  6. (1:05 pm – 5 hrs) – about the same
  7. (2:05 pm – 6 hrs) – about the same
  8. (3:05 pm – 7 hrs) – about the same
  9. (24 Hrs later 8:05 am) – Color developed

SwatchTestInstagram copy

I hope some of you found this interesting and helpful! Please feel free to e-mail me or comment at any time with questions, feedback, or with ideas for other tests employees at TanTowel can try for you in the future! – Allison F.



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